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Personification of the Dhamma by meditators in olden days seems to have been simply a means of teaching Dhamma at a certain time and place and to a certain group of people who by nature believed everything to be possessed of magic power. Such beliefs are now outmoded. (9) Radiating loving-kindness (mettà): The cus- tom of radiating loving-kindness towards all living beings before beginning, the practice proper has been handed down to us through many channels — some based on reason and insight and some on faith and superstition.

6) Travel (addhàna palibodha): Worry resulting from making journeys constitutes an impediment for two kinds of person. It is an impediment first of all, for anyone who practises while travelling. In this case 55 the meditator must not allow himself to be worried about anything related to his journey, such as where he is going to stay the following day, and the like. The technique for eliminating this impediment is to feel as if one is travelling only a short distance. Secondly, it is an impediment for a person who trains while staying in one place, but who enjoys travelling to distant parts.

58 (9) Study (gantha palibodha): It is not practica- ble to practise mental development and study at the same time. If a person has decided to take up the practice of mental development in earnest, and if he wishes to attain the full result of the practice, he must suspend his studies. ) Anyone who is addicted to bookish learning will definitely have to give up his attachment. Likewise a teacher must give up any attachment to his teaching if he is to gain the full result of the practice. (10) Supernormal powers (iddhi-palibodha): Some people become attached to the idea of gaining miraculous or magical powers, which they find very tempting.

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