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By Koichi Masubuchi

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According to Pellini,(112'113) the general effects of increasing strength level on the temperature and strength transitions are shown schematically in the three-dimensional plot of Fig. 9. The vertical scale references the dynamic tear (DT) test energy. 2% offset (psi) Elongation in 2 in. (%) Charpy V-notch impact Energy (ft/lb) at-10°F Note: Single values are minimum. 10. Specification limits of deposited weld metal mechanical properties^ 30 20 88,000 110,000 20 18 82,000 — MIL-MI88 MIL-8218YQT 24 Analysis of Welded Structures 200-240 18-8-4 marage ) For optimized properties.

Weldment of 5083-H113 welded with 5183 filler wire. Ship steel plate, ASTM-131. Reinforced polyester laminates with grain. 14 presents a comparison of weight and strength in these materials. Strength. Maximum tensile strength and yield strength of aluminum are comparable to those of low-carbon steel. 3 kg/mm2 or 214-434 MN/m2). 9 kb/mm2 or 400-498 Mn/m2). However, on the weight basis, aluminum is stronger. Weight. Aluminum weighs about half as much as steel with the same strength. Therefore, a smaller amount or weight of aluminum can be used in a structure in order to achieve the same strength as steel.

Elongation in 2 in. (%) 19 20 Reduction in area (%) Longitudinal Transverse — — 55 50 Charpy V-notch energy requirements Plate thickness Specimen size (mm) \ in. to \ in excl. 10x5 \ in. to 2 in. incl. Over 2 in. 9 k2/m) for plates |in. 5) mm) to 2 in. 1 kg/m) for plates over 2 in. (51 mm). (111) The figure shows that notch toughness of HY-80 is much superior to that of HTS. Welding of H Y-SO steel. In welding any material, the goal is to produce weld metals with properties the same as those of the base metal.

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