A Primer of Chemical Pathology by Evelyn S C Koay, Noel Walmsley PDF

By Evelyn S C Koay, Noel Walmsley

ISBN-10: 9810224494

ISBN-13: 9789810224493

ISBN-10: 9812385371

ISBN-13: 9789812385376

Primarilly designed for clinical scholars and junior medical professionals in scientific perform, this could even be an invaluable connection with postgraduate scholars in chemical pathology (clinical biochemistry), laboratory scientists, pathologists and scientific laboratory technologists. masking the sphere of chemical pathology, the biochemical foundation of affliction, it offers a uncomplicated knowing of the connection among irregular biochemical attempt effects and ailment states. A rational method of right choice and interpretation of biochemical investigations is followed for every organ procedure or analyte. Emphasis is put upon parts and difficulties most ordinarily met in scientific perform. fabric is gifted in a transparent, condensed structure to help the research technique, and the textual content is supplemented with illustrations.

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Euvolaemic. This describes subjects who are hyponatraemic but who are neither oedematous nor dehydrated. The pathophysiology is water excess due to decreased renal water excretion (dilutional hyponatraemia). This may occur as an acute or chronic 19 A Primer of Chemical Pathology process: Laboratory evaluation Acute water overload: This occurs when there is rapid water intake (oral or more usually iv) in a patient who has a problem excreting water due to: - Hypovolaemia (inducing AVP secretion): haemorrhage, burns.

Alkalosis: A primary disorder that produces excessive hydroxyl ions. It need not always result in alkalaemia. , C1-. , CH,COO-, has a high affinity for hydrogen ions. , carbonic acid and bicarbonate. It acts by forming a weaker acid or base. 35. Acidosis: A primary process that generates hydrogen ions. Depending on the buffering and compensatory processes it may, or may not, produce an acidaemia. pH: A measure of the hydrogen ion concentration defined as the logarithm of the reciprocal of the [ H'].

Mulloy AL, Caruana RJ. Hyponatremic emergencies. Med Clinics North Am 1995;79: 13 1-53. Oh MS, Carroll HJ. Disorders of sodium metabolism: hypernatremia and hyponatremia. Critical Care Med 1992;20:94-105. Laboratory evaluation Schrier RW, Niederberger M. Paradoxes of body fluid volume regulation in health and disease. A unifying hypothesis. West J Med 1994;16:393-408. After excluding postrenal obstruction by clinical and radiological means, the problem in oliguria is to distinguish prerenal dysfunction from renal dysfunction (acute tubular necrosis).

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