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By James Roberge

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With a dynamic learn-by-doing concentration, this laboratory guide encourages scholars to discover information constructions by means of enforcing them, a method in which scholars observe how facts constructions paintings and the way they are often utilized.

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We refer to this type of list as a point list. Point lists are routinely used in computer graphics, computer-aided design (CAD), and computer modeling to represent lines, curves, edges, and so forth. ), and iterate through the points in a list. List iteration is the process of moving through a list, processing each data item in turn. Iteration is done using a cursor that you move through the list much as you move the cursor in a text editor or word processor. In the following example, the Point List ADT’s gotoBeginning operation is used to move the cursor to the beginning of the list.

This is a lot of work, tedious, and error-prone. 2. A simpler solution is to use a made up data type name throughout the class, such as DataType, and then use the C++ typedef statement at the beginning of the class declaration file to specify what DataType really is. To specify that the list data items should be characters, you would type typedef char DataType; This approach does work, and changing the data item type is much easier than the first solution. We will be using this approach for the List ADT and the Ordered List ADT.

If you discover mistakes in your implementation of these operations, correct them and execute the test plan again. 16 | Laboratory 1 Test Plan for Test 4 (overloaded functions) Test Case Expected Result Construct a logbook for the current month Number of days in the current month: Record an entry for today Day on which entry is made: Checked Logbook ADT | 17 Laboratory 1: In-lab Exercise 3 Name __________________________________________ Date _______________________ Section _________________________________________ C++ allows you to create operators that share the name of one of C++’s predefined operators, a process referred to as operator overloading.

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