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By Colin Low

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The scale of the BT relaunch is colossal. The new logo will be painted on more than 72,000 vehicles and trailers, as well as 9,000 properties. The company’s 92,000 public payphones will get new decals, One of the titles of Yesod is “The Receptacle of the Emanations”, and its function is precisely as described above - Yesod is the assemblage point which assembles the emanations of the internal 36 The Sephiroth elemental magical work carried out in Malkhut [6]. Yesod has an important correspondence with the sexual organs.

The emanation of any sephira from Chokhmah downwards can manifest as good or evil depending on circumstances and the point of view of those affected by the energy involved. This appears to have been understood even at the time of the writing of the Zohar, where the mercy of God is constantly contrasted with the severity of God, and the author makes it clear that one tendency has to balance the other - you cannot have the mercy without the severity. ” There is the possibility that the Kabbalists of Provence (who wrote or edited the Bahir) were influenced by the Cathars, a late form of Manicheanism.

The future isn’t in the pattern of tea leaves, it is in the patterns triggered in our minds when the treasurehouse of images is stimulated. Divination is like letting Yesod off the leash, free to run around and sniff out rabbits. g. Tarot, runes, tea-leaves, flights of birds, patterns on the wallpaper, smoke - I heard of a Kabbalist who threw a cushion into the air and carried out divination on the basis of the number of pieces of foam stuffing which fell out). Because Yesod is a kind of aethyric reflection of the physical world, an image of and precursor to reality, mirrors are an important tool for Yesodic magic.

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