A Concise history of the war between Japan and China (1895) - download pdf or read online

By Jukichi Inouye

Hardcover reprint of the unique 1895 variation; hardbound in brown fabric with gold stamped lettering, octavo - 6x9''. This merchandise is outlined on call for as a collector caliber facsimile, crafted to carry its personal in a library of first variations.

Book Information: Inouye, Jukichi. A Concise historical past of the struggle among Japan and China. Indiana: Repressed Publishing LLC, 2012.

Original Publishing: Inouye, Jukichi. A Concise background of the warfare among Japan and China. Osaka: Z. Mayekawa, 1895.

Subject: Chinese-Japanese struggle, 1894-1895

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Sacrificing peace to the attainment of her sinister object. Our wish In this promote the prestige of the strictly peaceful methods, We find it imIt possible to avoid a formal declaration of war against China. is Our earnest wish that, by the loyalty and valour of Our faithful situation, ardent as is to country abroad by subjects, peace may soon be permanently restored and the Glory of the Empire be augmented and completed. Given this 1st day of the eighth month of the 2/th year of Meiji. * The Chinese Proclamation was couched terms in " the following : " Corea has been our tributary for the past two hundred odd She has given us tribute all this time, which is a matter years.

Personnel of the central and July, He had proposed changes in the local governments, opening ofand the reorganisation of the national finances, of law and courts of justice, of the army and police, and of fices to talent ; educational system of the country. On the i6th, the Corean Government informed Mr. Otori that it accepted the the main principles of these reforms but when he requested a written official announcement to that effect, the Government again hesitated, and changing its mind once more, notified the ; Japanese Minister that though it was willing to carry out the proposed reforms, it could not do so until the Japanese troops were withdrawn from Corea, where their presence threatened, by the fear inspired in the natives, to create disturbances and might give other Powers an excuse for also landing their troops.

There was no pure water and the troops had to slake their thirst with the muddy water of the paddies, which they found in their distress more refreshing than the iced water they would get in Tokyo. m. it rained and the troops. At exhilarated the temperature fell, which greatly Before this, the adjutant, Major outposts were set. , was insufficient, in wounded after the The correspondents all At midnight, the army searching for the dead and which would take place at dawn. swore to do everything in their power.

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A Concise history of the war between Japan and China (1895) by Jukichi Inouye

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