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By Allan Gotthelf, Gregory Salmieri

ISBN-10: 1405186844

ISBN-13: 9781405186841

The first quantity to provide a entire scholarly therapy of Rand’s complete corpus (including her novels, her philosophical essays, and her research of the occasions of her times), this Companion presents important orientation and context for students and proficient readers grappling with a arguable and understudied philosopher whose enduring impact on American (and global) tradition is more and more recognized.

  • The first ebook to supply an in-depth scholarly remedy ranging over the total of Rand’s corpus
  • Provides educated contextual research for students in a number of disciplines
  • Presents unique learn on unpublished fabric and drafts from the Rand files in California
  • Features insightful and fair-minded interpretations of Rand’s arguable positions

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Readers who want a sense of the changes made can now compare the quotes from archival materials in this volume with the published versions of that material (which are indicated in the references). I discuss some of these posthumous books individually in section II of the Annotated Bibliography. Letters of Ayn Randd is a partial exception on both counts: Rand took great care with her correspondence, and the editing in that book is limited to omitting material that is unlikely to be of general interest.

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