Download e-book for kindle: 4. Österreichische Artificial-Intelligence-Tagung: Wiener by Graeme Hirst (auth.), Harald Trost (eds.)

{[: det) / [:j1 jump) / [:j2 jump) / [:j3 jump) / [:j4 jump)} [:nmax). There are five relevant differentiations between the information bundles which are associated with the determiner position: First: the determiner position is realized by a lexical category.

G. , Marias Frauen, the parser will find four of them. At a first glance there is nothing to hinder the parser from generating any of the four forms: Marias is either singular or plural, Frauen must be plural. Marias is genitive singular and is syncrete in all cases in the plural. Frauen is also syncrete in all cases. If these two nouns. which may both occur without an article. are to be analysed as an NP. one of them must be marked with the genitive case. Everything else will be okay. according to traditional NP grammars for German.

Muenchen ZTIINF 23 Otto-Hahn-Ring 6 8 Muenchen 83 Federal Republic of Germany The aim of this paper is to show by means of a simple example from German noun-phrase syntax how the appropriate linguistic generalizations succeed in overcoming the problem of overgeneration in parsing processes. The phenomenon which is discussed here is rarely mentioned in the linguistic literature and is clarified and formalized for the first time in this paper. 1. When working on applied natural language processing.

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4. Österreichische Artificial-Intelligence-Tagung: Wiener Workshop Wissensbasierte Sprachverarbeitung Wien, 29.–31. August 1988 Proceedings by Graeme Hirst (auth.), Harald Trost (eds.)

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