New PDF release: 101 Apple Computer Programming Tips and Tricks

By Fred White

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Lines 400-430 cause the computer to await the press of any key on its keyboard. When a key is pressed, dice are rolled and new results presented on the video display. Program Listing lOH OM E 100 A=INT(10*(RND(1») 31 110 200 210 300 310 400 410 420 430 IF A6 THEN GOTO 100 B=INT(10 * (RND(1») IF B6 THEN GOTO 200 PRINT "FIRST DICE: " ; A PRINT "SECOND DICE: "; B X=PEEK(-16384) POKE -16368,0 IF X<128 THEN GOTO 400 PRINT:GOTO 100 20 Keeping Game Scores Writing a computer football game?

Une 210 asks you to guess the number. Unes 300-310 decide if you are right or wrong. Une 220 keeps track of the number of attempts. Program Listing 10 100 200 210 220 300 310 400 410 420 500 38 I HOME:T =0 R=INT(1000 * (RND(I))) PRINT CHR$(7) INPUT"GUESS THE NUMBER";B T=T+l:PRINT"THAT WAS TRY NUMBER ";T IF B>R THEN PRINT CHR$(7) :INPUT"TOO HIGH. ";B :GOTO 220 i F B

B$ T=INT(100 * (RND(1») IF T2 5 THEN GOTO 300 61 320 330 340 350 400 410 420 430 440 450 500 510 520 FOR L=l TO T READ D$ NEXT L RE5TORE T=INT(100 * (RND(l))) IF T<26 OR T>50 THEN GOTO 400 FOR L=l TO T READ E$ NEXT L RE5TORE PRINT CHR$(7) PRINT B$;" 15 ";D$;" A5 A ";E$ GOTO 300 48 Gee Whiz VI: Who Is Youngest? The computer asks for the names and ages of all peopie in the room. If you are the only person in the room, it will tell you to get someone else to play with you or forget it. After collecting the names and ages, the computer instantly teils wh ich person is youngest.

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